The Good Guys

We couldn’t do it with out their help and feel they deserve a flippin’ good shout out, so here goes… First one goes out to the crew, those legends after that it’s alphabetical order..


First of all our wonderful Crew, who give up their time to help us over the weekend for free. Not only do they help over the weekend a lot of them end up arriving early, staying late and helping with other tasks throughout the year.
Anyone wearing a crew clothing item at the show or anywhere else for that matter is one of our friends and a legend!
Thank you!



Dan from A-Plan not only supports our show but he also supports the whole modern van scene attending all sorts of different shows throughout the year. We’re insured with A-Plan and when you are due for renewal we recommend them to everyone.
You may well find a company offering you slightly cheaper insurance but quite frankly the experience given by Dan and his team is outstanding and we hope they continue to support our shows and the community for many more years!
To us at least it is worth a few extra quid a month to have them support the community how they do. Thanks!


Andrew from aTHOMPSONsPHOTO will be documenting our show for us and for magazines.

He also works in the background on our social media accounts and website all year round. (Maybe thats why this page is in alphabetical order?)

If you see him with his camera make sure you give him a smile and a wave, you make it in one of the UK’s VW magazines or even in our promo material for next year!


If you’ve ever looked at the camping ground and thought it looked cool because of all the flags, you can pretty much guarantee this man is responsible for it…

For this last twenty years Alex and his family have been attending all sorts of shows and festivals, kitting out the organisers with great flags and also the attendees which in turn creates a truly brilliant scene and vibe at the events.

If you are in need of any flag related items be sure to check out Alex and his collection at Autocamp.


Volkswagen Van Centre Cheltenham is part of Inchcape Retail, the UK's leading motor retailers. They are main sponsors for both Vanwest & Dubtoberfest - be sure to check out the vehicles they have lent us around site and also their trade pitch on site for both new and used Volkswagens.


We’re extremely pleased to welcome back again Krombacher as a main sponsors of this years show and Tribute Sunday Festival. You know what means, the finest ice cold German beer on tap all weekend, the Dubtoberfest steins are back so be sure to enjoy the show with a cold one.

O’s Mobile Coffee Van